Michele Ranauro

Michele Ranauro: A Musical Journey

Michele Ranauro's musical journey begins when his mother gifts him Miles Davis' album, "

The Musings Of Miles." He meticulously transcribes the main melodies, sparking a deep passion for music.

He dedicates himself to the piano, practicing diligently for an average of 8 hours a day.

Teenage Years & Early Career

Wins a scholarship to Berklee College of Music, followed by graduating with a science degree the next year.

Rome: Performs with renowned Italian jazz musicians like Tony Scott, Massimo Urbani, and Stefano Di Battista.

Studies: Deepens his musical knowledge by studying composition with Teresa Procaccini and

refining his piano technique with Hector Pell.

1990' s

Moves to New York City: Plays with jazz legends like Dizzy Gillespie, as well as diverse artists like

Maxwell, Lenny Kravitz, rapper Redman, Q-Tip, John Zorn, and other prominent figures of the era.

Introduction to the Italian Music Scene: Italian record executive Franco Godi discovers Michele

and connects him with the Italian music scene, leading to collaborations with

Articolo 31, Casino Royale, and other prominent Italian artists.

Opening Act for Vinicio Capossela: Showcases his piano skills by opening for Vinicio Capossela's

Live In Volvo show in Maratea. Collaborations with Italian Pop Stars: Works with

Lorenzo Jovanotti, Biagio Antonacci, and other notable names in the Italian pop music landscape.


  • A tragic car accident and a severe brachial plexus injury leave Michele's left arm paralyzed,

    posing a significant challenge to his piano playing.

    Through sheer determination, he regains movement in his arm over the years,

    but his left hand remains compromised.

    Adapting to his new reality, he relies on muscle memory and develops a unique style of playing characterized

    by meticulous attention to detail and expressive articulation.


Wins the Diesel-U-Music competition as the best music producer in the Drum and Bass category


While recording Casino Royale's album Reale, he learns valuable production techniques from Howie B,

a pioneer in electronic music known for his work with U2, Bjork, Tricky, and Massive Attack.


Reaches the Sanremo Music Festival with Mario Biondi and Amalia Grè,

performing his song "Amami per sempre" ("Love me forever").


Invited by Dr. Diana Bracco to share his perspective on Surrealism, Michele improvises on the piano

in front of Salvador Dalí's paintings at the Palazzo Reale in Milan during the exhibition "Il Sogno si Avvicina "


Embraces music as a universal language, collaborating with digital pioneers

and becoming a sought-after ghost producer

in the electronic and EDM scene, known for his unique soundscapes.


Universal Music releases "Manupuma," an album by the eponymous singer, entirely produced by Michele


Collaborates with Arisa on the production of "Gaia"

a song presented for the opening of Expo 2015

Fashion & Brand Collaborations: Works with prestigious brands like Giorgio Armani, Prada, Etro

Audi, Fiat, and many others, composing music for campaigns and events.


Captivates audiences at Piano City Milano with his show "88 keys with 6 fingers," achieving remarkable success

among renowned pianists like Michael Nyman and Stefano Bollani.


Performs at the International Water Forum in Milan,

improvising for 4 hours on themes of water and nature.

Becomes a member of The Alliance,

a group of experts in electronic music founded by Luca Pretolesi, one

of the most renowned mixing and mastering engineer of the mixing industry

2018 & Beyond

Piano Solo Performance

Plays a solo piano concert at Teatro Vetra in Milan for the presentation of the

new Smart residential district of Milano Uptown.

Works with Davide Rossi (known for his work with Coldplay, Alicia Keys, and Goldfrapp)

and releases tracks with Owsla and Mad Decent.

Co-produces Manupuma's second album,

"Cuore Leggero," with Taketo Gohara.

Lucania Infinita Show: Creates a multimedia show combining music, dance,

video projections, and advanced technology, showcasing an allegory of the present day.


Writes and produces the song "Nucleare" for Arisa and Manupuma,

donating proceeds to support the HUB-Maternity

project during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Relocates to Basilicata due to the pandemic, builds a recording studio, and expands his knowledge of visual arts.


Prepares his first solo piano album and performs at the Monteferrato Festival with Manupuma.


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